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Adi Integrated Yoga Style


I am Adi Ananda Parashakti. 

I am a Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness for more than 15 years (more info about my yoga qualifications here).

My approach to yoga is different from the typical yoga you get in fitness gyms and yoga centres.

I focus more on the spiritual, physical and mental balance of the individual rather than just on the stretching and strength.

I offer workshops and private sessions based on different yoga traditions which we can apply according to your special wishes and needs.

  • Sivananda, 

  • Hatha, 

  • Vinyasa Flow, 

  • Kundalini, 

  • Yin Yoga


Each Style has its own peculiarity and Identity.

A typical lesson is a combination of those styles in order to guarantee strength improvement, flexibility and deep relaxation. 


Learning Structure

My classes are going through 4 different Phases:

  • Fast\medium\slow and dynamic flow - warm-up, 

  • strength and toning phase, 

  • Slow and static - to improve flexibility and focus

  • Deep Relaxation - to calm the mind and integrate

  • Meditation & Breathing Exercises - to activate\improve vital energy



What to Expect in Adi Integrated Yoga Class?

Adi has created a particular structure in her classes were merge different aspects from a few of the main yoga styles:

  • From Sivananda Yoga - Fixed Asana sequence
    to allow you to relax, knowing what to aspect you can easily go in a meditative state, Meditation, Breathing Exercises & Mantra, to activate and improve vital energy

  • From Hatha Yoga - Static pose hold to improve strength
    This will allow you to learn the pose. Empower concentration and muscle strength. Hatha is perfect to deep in the focus on your breath releasing stress and tension.


  • From Vinyasa Yoga - Dynamic Asana Flow
    More vigorous style of yoga incorporates a flow, with a series of poses in which each movement is matched to the breath.


  • From Kundalini Yoga - Breath and muscle contraction (Bandhas)
    Use the breath in conjunction with physical movement, with the purpose of freeing energy in the lower body and allowing it to move upwards through all the chakras.


  • From Yin Yoga - Static pose hold to improve flexibility
    Stretch the body's connective deep tissue, particularly around the joints. Specific poses held over the course of several minutes.

hips, Stress management, work, sport, personal development, mind and emotion administration…

Learning Structure


The Yoga class structure will be customized on you:
in accordance with your needs and your desire...

  • weight loss

  • tone the muscles

  • Flexibility

  • Postural correction

  • Increase Focus and relaxation

  • Manage Emotional Pain (stress, anxiety..)

  • Cure and reduce Physical Pain ( Back or neck pain, joints..)


In the class you will pass through body poses, called asana, breathing exercises, pranayama, to calm the mind, manage emotion and stress, meditation, to increase stability and focus.


Your vital energy, kundalini, will be activated. The structure is created respecting the tradition and safety prescriptions.

Class Schedule (in person or on-line)

Weekly classes - These long sessions are the recommended length for your weekly yoga practice (1 to 3 times a week). 

  • 60 minutes

  • 90 minutes


Do it at home 

Adi will help and guide you with little additional programs for your daily yoga practice:

  • 10 minutes - morning yoga for a good day

  • 10 minutes - evening yoga for good sleep

  • 10 minutes - back release 

Yoga Pricing 


  • Singular private yoga class is 250dhs

  • Trial class for 200dhs

  • 10 hours discounted package for 2,000dhs only

The Package contains

- 10 hours for 2k

- delivered in private classes
- 1 or 2 hours each class

- 1 time a week 

- customized program (for long weekly practice and for daily practice)

- customized video


Class Preparation

If you are wondering about how to get prepared for the session, follow just a couple of fundamental guidelines.



It is highly recommended to be fasting from 2 hours and enjoy your meal AFTER the session. If needed fruits, dry fruits and nuts might be the best choice to boost your energy up and be ready for the session. 



Please wear large or comfortable clothes.

Sportswear, cotton pants & T-shirts. Changing room and shower facility are available. Feel free to bring everything you need for your shower and make yourself comfortable.


Class Shedule

Holistic Healing Program instead?

Do you want to make a real change in your life and are willing to do something more than usual single private classes…

Then check out my special Holistic Programs that care about all aspects of your life and not just the body, or the mind, or the spirit.

A program will focus to create and maintain harmony in your being and your life. Harmony with your life purpose & your goals.

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