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Adi Ananda Parashakti

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Namastè, my name is Adi Ananda Parashakti.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Healer, founder and owner of BMS Awakening Healing Academy school since 2019 (find my full bio here).

In my 20 years of healing experience, my mission has always been to continuously learn and spread practical tools to integrate mindfulness into daily life and help you in your journey.  To make it easier and more effective for everyone, I created a Healing Method to support you go through your life challenges with ease in an effective way.

This Method is something I have been working very hard over the years to create, test and perfect, melting together the wisdom of Great Masters, the lessons from the students and my divine connections.

“You are what you experienced and this is the only thing you can effectively teach to others...”

Namaste, Adi Ananda

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