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Certified Course

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. In attunement with the Universal Energy surrounding us, the Reiki Healers encourage emotional and physical healing through their practice.

You can visualize Reiki as a connection to the earth magnetism, rings of energy around our planet, which through the practitioner flows through the person receiving Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 Course

In Reiki Level 1 Course you will experience Reiki healing and you will go deeper into the science and understanding of how it works and the root cause of energy blocks on body, thoughts and emotions.

Level 1 of Reiki attunes you and give you all the tools to become a Reiki Healer.

You learn how to channel this magnetism and how to send it where is needed.

You can use this energy for healing, yourself & others, plants and animals included.

You can use this energy for purify & positively charge ambient, your home, your office, to remove stress, fear, pain, anger.

To bless your food and water.

Use this energy for remove anxiety, stress, pain and enjoy all aspects of your life, to perform better in the family, in the office, in your life...

It is an intense and gentle loving energy....

Are you ready?


In the Reiki Level 1 course is a two full day course where you will learn:

  • Module 1 - The Reiki Concept

    • Origins of Reiki

    • What is Reiki

    • How does Reiki work

    • What can it heal

    • Applied benefits Reiki has in all areas of your life

  • Module 2 - Reiki Level 1 Attunement

    • Theory of “Attunement” and applications

    • Use of “Affirmations” to increase the energy levels and clear energy blockages

    • Receive First Reiki Symbol

    • Attunement of the Student by the Master

  • Module 3 - Practice and Treatments

    • Treating another person

    • Self-treatment

    • Reiki healing for plants and animals

    • Develop your ability to feel & share Reiki

  • Module 4 - Further exercises

    • Align yourself with the 5 Reiki principles

    • Attune and center yourself with the Universal Life Force and Energy

    • Explore and understand human Chakras and energy flow

    • How to scan yourself and others to feel for energy disturbances

    • Learn how to visualize and send loving intentions

    • How to prepare and protect yourself when attuning and healing others

    • Combining crystal and aromatherapy with your healing for more efficacy


What does the course includes

  • 2 Full days of classes (10am to 5pm) (Coffee\ tea \ fruits)

  • Class Material

    • Usui Reiki Level 1 Manual

    • Usui Reiki Level 1 IPHM Recognized Certification

  • Follow ups- After this Course you can attend all Reiki Swapping sessions where you can practice your Reiki, share this light with others, clarify any doubt and learn more.

What's included
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