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Adi Ananda Parashakti
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Namastè, my name is Adi Ananda Parashakti, and this below is a short Bio of my life experience.

I am deeply interested in spirituality since childhood, often sneaking in the library looking for any book, any kind of inspiration, learning how MIND works, how to nourish my SOUL's needs.

When I was about 20 years I started practicing Za-zen meditation from Zen Buddhism traditions. A first huge life changing experience for me and since then I decided to make of spirituality my way of life and my job. 

Buddha's teachings inspired me. How to calm my mind, to manage my emotions. I was given practical tools to face my daily life struggles. And applying them in my daily life everything was easier to face. home, family, school, all the relationships... This made me more curious and motivated…

I soon decided to complete a 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Swami Sivananda Asharm, in Italy, Germany and India to connect my Mind & Soul with my Body was a daily practice. A journey of few years where I learned about hundreds of Yoga Asanas (body postures), breathing exercises (Pranayama), about the power of vibrations, mantras chanting. 

Yoga, after Zen Meditation, was definitely the second huge life changing experience for me. It brought awareness and healing in my life and  helped me many times, from correcting posture of many hours sitting in university, throughout my pregnancy and to recover from various injuries.

As a yoga teacher, after my first child, I specialized in Yoga for mums, with pre & post natal yoga and baby massage (the yoga you make with your newborn to help him or her learning movements and coordination).

I made every event an occasion to learn new ways and depth of Yoga and shared it with my students:

  • Yoga Therapy, which I learned on myself as a way to recover the body from wrong posture, surgeries or any kind of sport accident.

  • Business Yoga, is all about posture and stress relieve, which was very helpful also for my professional life and the stressful life as a mother.

  • Watsu, is shiatsu in Water. I specialized as a practitioner in this passive treatment performed in warm water. It gives deep relaxation, increases flexibility and distress all areas of the body in pain.

  • Woga, which is yoga in water, which I also specialized in and developed my own personal method on this.


After years of practicing and teaching Zen Meditation and Yoga, I felt I had enough knowledge to manage my body, my mind and my emotions but I still felt sometimes weak and demotivated. I wasn’t able to keep my energy field clean all the time and I let some people or same places affect me quite a lot.  So, this was a signal for me that I had to connect with higher levels of existence. Superior energies that . I pulled out from full time teaching and invested few years studying as an Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal therapist, Usui Reiki Master & Theta Healing Instructor. This helped me with ENERGETIC cleans, protections and Self recharging that I could apply it in my life, my work, my home & my family. 


For a little while I felt everything was done, I was healthy, able to manage body, mind, emotions and energies. I was fulfilled yoga and mindfulness teacher, holding a life coaching training, started writing my books... Life was going well, smooth with my family in a nice house, economically all was good.
But...deep INSIDE, that was the time that my wild instinctive nature was willing to find a way to be deeper understood & expressed. The inner voice of WILDerness, which didn’t want so much order and control in my life, screamed out and wanted to change the colors of my life. The sun wasn’t so shiny anymore, the air nor so fresh, the food wasn’t tasty and delicious as before. I began to feel again some kind of lack inside and started to feel a restless need to fill it up. Looking for solutions I decided to explore some fields where I never had the courage to actually step in before. Shamanic Healing and Sexual Tantra.

With Tantra I learned a deep holy contact with nature outside and within. Tantra origin, comes the yoga everyone knows, is the part of yoga which also explains how to use sexual energy (the strongest energy in the living beings). Tantra teaches techniques, rules and principles for a holy sexual interaction. Sexual Tantra teachings are couple therapy. Tantra helped me to conquer a satisfying couple life with my husband. After 18 years together, many things went between us as a couple… everyday issue, work, kids, stress, frustrations, misunderstanding, was necessary to find a way to strengthen and maintain this new connection.

In few years of practicing Tantra that gave me solutions I needed. I learned how to be a trainer and added as a teaching to my students  Couple and Single Tantra Private Sessions and workshops.

My experience with Shamanic Healing instead thought me how to face the imprinting of old experiences and subconscious emotions, which condition my life. Behaviors I had that I could not change, even if I really wanted it. Shamanic healing, gave me the tools to face these stuck emotions and memories, helping me to overcome all behavior patterns.

In 2019 I funded in Dubai the BMS Awakening and Healing Center, a place of spirituality where every room and space is filled with love and wisdom and it's where I practice my healing sessions.

So, this is my story. This is the story about how and why I experienced and learned from it. All the ancient knowledge I studied and researches I made, the great masters I met and amazing students I had, gave me the possibility to become a better human being which can help himself and others.

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