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Theta Healing®


Certified Course

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What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing™ is a powerful technique that teaches us how to put to use our natural intuition, to experience instantaneous physical and emotional healing. By altering our brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, one can identify and replace limiting beliefs and negative life patterns, which are stored deep in our core, genetic, historic and soul level. Through the theta approach, every individual is empowered to bring about transformation in their own life and positively influence the lives of others.

Basic DNA Course

The Advanced Theta Healing™ Course expands the information in the Basic Class to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.

The student will receive Feelings that are downloaded from the Instructor that will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them. This class is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to live in the now and what self-acceptance feels like for the Seventh Plane.

Certification From:

Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge


Theta Healing Practitioner

To enhance skills, other courses are recommended for further qualifications.


In the Theta Healing Basic DNA course, you will learn the following:

Module 1 - Theory

  • The Awakened Masters

  • Release from Oaths & Vows

  • An in-depth understanding of The Seven Planes of Existence 

  • Vows to be cleared o Programs of the Planes

  • An understanding of Initiations

  • Advanced Healing Techniques

  • Advanced Programs

Module 2 - Learning Core of the Digging & Believes Work

  • Key Beliefs - Digging how it works

  • An in-depth study of Belief Work strategies

  • Finding the Bottom Belief

  • Fear Work

  • An in-depth study of the Feeling Work

  • Downloads – The instilling of Feelings

  • The Three Rs – The release of Resentments, Rejections and Regrets

Module 3 - Exercises and assisted practice to learn under guide

  • Exercise – Free Floating Memories o Exercise – Baby in the Womb

  • Exercise – The Broken Soul

  • Exercise – Second Plane meets Seventh Plane

  • Exercise – Fourth Plane meets Seventh Plane

  • Exercise – Clearing Non-Organic Material

  • Exercise – Talk to Higher Self


What the course includes

  • 2 Full days of classes (10am to 5pm) (Coffee\ tea \ fruits) + follow up day

  • Class Material

    • Theta Healing Book by Vianna Stibal

    • Theta Healing Advanced DNA Student Manual

    • Theta Healing Advanced DNA Practitioner Certification

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