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Couple Therapy

Everyone is worthy to have moments of great pleasure, unity, love, and complicity. You may have the luck to experience them right now, have experienced those moments in the past, maybe, you are still looking for them.

Everyone has moments of disappointment, loneliness, anger, misunderstanding which generate doubts and concerns. Those are familiar for all us, especially after big life changes, or when it seems things will never improve.

Feeling occasionally tired and disconnected is part of life.


 If this persists, then something changes inside yourself and your couple. All become colder.


Our philosophy is to take care of “All around you”. If you are in the current situation it is a consequence of different elements of your life. We aim to fix all of them with a holistic and scientific approach.


Offering you fast and easy mindfulness tricks and tools to apply in your everyday life.

“If you are passing through this period and you could manage it till now your couple may be much stronger than what you think!

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Program Benefits


Through this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your Couple dynamic, your issues, and current relationship condition.

  • Recognize why certain Couple issues occur and how previous experiences play a role in your marriage.

  • Know the implications of toxic thoughts and expectations in your Couple

  • Effects of that cultural background products in your marriage

  • Develop an effective and holistic couple care routine.

  • Remedy anything disappointment, misunderstanding, sadness, depression, anger, loneliness, and disconnected couple lifestyle.

  • Become empowered with the lifelong knowledge of how to deal with relationship troubles.

  • Save hundreds of dollars on toxic medicament that simply do not work.

  • Learn the secrets to face endless fights and stress generated.

  • You will save time, money (and your sanity!) with the easy to follow the guide of replacing old behaviours with simple holistic daily new options.

This Program is addressing these couple's issues:

  • Misunderstanding or lack of effective communication.

  • Unattended expectations

  • Anger & Disappointment

  • Endless & useless discussions

  • Explosive arguments escalations

  • lack of intimacy, loss of connection

  • Loneliness in the relationship

  • Rebuilding trust after betrayal or affair

  • Difficulties to  negotiate and resolve conflicts

  • Trouble coping with external elements (e.g., family values, religion, and culture) 

  • Dealing with life changes

  • Negotiating a healthy separation or divorce if required

Through this course, I’ll help you to solve such Personal or Couple issues from the inside out. You can stop spending insane amounts of money & time on medicament, fake Tantra services, negative thoughts, and emotions.

This program isn’t for you if you’re someone who’s looking for a quick fix. No magic pills, brand, and product suggestions here. Any fixing is possible without wanting to commit to making certain lifestyle changes. Engage in healthy Personal Care and Couple Care routine. It is needed.

Who is this for

Who is this for

  • People with Couple issues that they are looking to resolve naturally

  • People that want to understand and learn about holistic Marriage and Relationship Management

This course is a great fit for anyone looking for:

  • A better understanding of your Relationship dynamics

  • Developing a sustainable couple routine tailored to you and your couple lifestyle

  • Injecting the relationship with more positivity and hope by first working with each individual involved 

  • Clear resentment and pessimism created in the past 

  • A structured plan to rebuild the connection, trust, and closeness

  • Choose and share Principles for better and stronger communication.

  • Transforming your marriage and relationship with the essential elements of communication.

  • Support to overcome common marriage problems like affairs, addiction, anger management, 

  • Assessing, monitoring and dealing with the stage of your relationship and marriage crisis

  • Understanding and evaluating the difference between low mood therapy and high mood relation and why the latter is the better route.

  • Managing your emotions and the essence of finding a true balance of your relationship

  • Building up the power of intimacy to strengthen the connection with your partner.

  • Aligning your future individual goals and dreams to strengthen teamwork and respect.

  • Changing perspectives within the relationship to work as a team and shift your relationship from average to exceptional.

If you’ve tried every strategy, book, and advice but have not seen the results, this is your perfect 'next step'.

However, you will need to be open to Mindset and lifestyle changes, as these can be the pillars of creating the Perfect Relationship.


This program needs commitment and willingness to put in the effort to understand your marriage better. This program talks about harmony on a deep level. Will help you in changing your perspective towards relationships.




Module 1

Assessing, monitoring and dealing with the stage of your relationship and marriage crisis

  • Focus on ways you can increase happiness, love and passion quickly  

  • Address your biggest challenge that is preventing you from being close again  

  • Learn the #1 thing you can do straight away to overcome past hurt and fall back "in love" 


Module 2

Understanding your Couple challenges and Partners reactions better

  • Detect the dynamics that create disharmony in the couple

  • Identify the real reason behind, what are lacks and the needs of both partners

  • Take responsibility for yourself, for example, increase:

    • Clarity

    • Self-control

    • Avoid over-reactions

    • Maintain a respectful tone of voice

  • create the basis for concrete and honest communication

Module 3

Challenges are a fact of life, be overwhelmed from them is not

  • Clear resentment and pessimism created in the past 

  • Replace it with a safe fundamental of kindness, compassion, acceptance, respect

  • Commit in a structured plan to rebuild connection, trust, and closeness


Module 4

Beautiful Relationship requires commitment

  • Commit seriously in a self-development: the only thing we can really change is our-self

  • create a clear shared agreement that guarantees the couple to flourish again

  • choose and maintain an approach of openness, communication, respect


Module 5

Nourish your Couple, it’s going to a fundamental part of your life for a long time

  • Conquer a new and positive approach and manifest it

    • learning instead of controlling, 

    • gratitude instead of complaining

  • Guarantee high-quality time to spend together as a couple regularly to create intimacy

  • Work on a common goal or purpose 


Module 6

The happier you are, the more beautiful your Relationship becomes

  • Do what you love, create a window of happiness in your life and share those with your partner

  • Ask for what you like to receive, Ask what your partner wants

  • Listen. Your insides and your Partner wishes.

  • How to create and maintain a healthy couple routine


Enjoy your new life. 

Enjoy the beauty to have been able to overcome Couple Relationship Challenges

  • Can you guarantee results?
    While I cannot guarantee specific results, if you show up and do the work- you'll heal and have a healthy Relationship consistently.
  • How does the program work?
    In this program each Module has meetings delivered (in person\on-line) to grow in your understanding about your Couple health and treat the root of your relationship condition.
  • How can I contact you if I have questions about one of the Modules?
    Sure. You can message me through whatsapp, or email.
  • How long will it take me to pass trough all Modules?
    Each individual is special and each couple is unique. There is no standard timing that is the same for everyone. Usually couples need 10 \ 12 sessions to go through this program.
  • ​How long will it take me to one Module?
    The content of each module is really different. Every marriage is facing different challenges, some relationships can pass through some module really fast other couples may need more time.
  • I take PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for my mental\physical condition, can I still use this program?"
    I don’t touch upon prescription drugs but this program will help you understand your situation better and help you become aware of what the drugs are doing to your mind and body.
  • I have Depression, Anxiety, Addictions or post delivery crise, will this program help?"
    YES! I have had many clients with similar conditions use these exact techniques to heal their couple and their Heart.
  • I don't have betrayals, fights or big issues but my relationship is not what it used to be. I want my Passion and complicity back will this help?"
    YESSS! This for everyone and will completely transform your couple back to that beautiful Complicity and Passion!
  • Will you offer coaching also?
    Yes. Throughout the course I will be coaching you personally, and if you subscribed for the whole program I offer two free of charge coaching sessions after the program is finished.
  • Would you suggest Drugs to use for my couple's condition?
    No, I will not suggest any drugs. All you need is inside you.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    If you subscribe for the whole program I will offer substantial discount to the fees otherwise paid for each single sessions. Just ask.
  • Do you offer refunds if I pay for the whole program?
    As I keep my time available for you I cannot offer a refund, but I can reshedule each session with 48 hours notice.
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