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Escape Depression

Healing program

Day, where the desire to stay in bed is the only thing you dream about, is a feeling which we are all familiar with, especially after weekends and holidays.

Feeling occasionally low is part of life. It's a Biological defence.


When these emotions persist for long periods, then something changes inside our body, mind and soul. This un/balance creates a more serious depressive disorder known as depression.


Our philosophy is to take care of “All around you”. If you are in the current situation it is a consequence of different elements of your life. We aim to fix all of them with a holistic and scientific approach.

Offering you fast and easy Mindfulness tricks and tools to apply in your everyday life.

“If you are passing through this darkness and you survived till now you are much stronger than what you think!

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Program Benefits


Through this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your Mental dynamic, your issues and current psychological condition.

  • Recognize what drains you so down to let you stuck on the bottom, under the water

  • Learn how to change such a draining situation into more hand-able ones.

  • Create a safe space where listen & express your real needs.

  • Cope with the effects that cultural background products in you

  • Learn the secrets to face endless fights, judgments, limitation, loneliness feeling untouched.

  • Shift the useless feeling of Emptiness, Sadness, worthlessness, Fatigue anxiety in more joyful and useful ones

  • Restart activities that you enjoy and protect the precious time need for them

  • How to gain a proper sleep time (no too long, no too short)

  • How to eat in a balanced way (not too much, no to less)

  • Conquer the ability to think clearly again, to make a decision, to stand out for yourself

  • How to obtain more respect from who is around you

  • Stop to waste energy in terrifying Suicidal thoughts and ideals

  • Know the implications of toxic thoughts and expectations in your mental health

  • Strengthen your relationship and manage all Couple issues occurred

  • Develop an effective and holistic self-care routine.

  • See the energetically, psychological and material dynamics that are feeding your condition and face them for the best result

  • Ask and receive all support, love, attention, understanding you need

  • Become empowered with the lifelong knowledge of how to deal with mental troubles.

  • You will save time, money (and your sanity!) with the easy to follow guide of replacing old behaviours with simple holistic daily new options.

This Program is definitely for you if you have any of these issues:

  • You are missing support, love, attention, understanding. 

  • Post-delivery depression 

  • Life isn’t worth living

  • Intolerant of people around you

  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy

  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem

  • Loss of energy

  • Emptiness, sadness, anxiety, worries, worthless, guilt

  • Emotional Ups and Downs uncontrollable and unpredictable

  • Loss of appetite

  • Loss of interest in sexuality

  • Insomnia or hypersomnia

  • Terrible circle of repetitive thoughts

  • Inability to think clearly

  • Suicidal thoughts and ideas

  • Incapability to take care about yourself

  • Feeling really lonely and far from, home, family, friends

  • Tendency to put always others before 

  • Misunderstanding or lack of effective communication.

  • Life agony – Family issues, divorce, losing a job or failures in business, expat issues

  • Death of loved ones

  • Childhood experiences – Physical or emotional abuse or lack of coping skills to deal with problems in adult life

  • Frozen anger – Built-up and suppressed anger

  • Physical illness or Chronic pain

  • Feeling as if you’re alone and have no one to talk to

Through this course, I’ll help you to solve such Mental and psychological issues from the inside out, so you can stop spending insane amounts of money & time on medications, negative people, thoughts and emotions.

However, this program isn’t for you if you’re someone who’s looking for only a quick fix. 

No magic pills, brand and product suggestions. Invitation to commit to a healthy Self-Care routine or making certain lifestyle changes.


“You are NOT alone anymore. I will offer you all support, love, attention, and understanding your Soul is in need to receive.” 


Who is this for

This course is intended for:

  • People with Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual issues that they are looking to resolve with ease 

  • People that want to understand and learn about holistic balanced lifestyles in beauty and freedom.


This course is a great fit for anyone looking for:

  • Receive support, love, attention, understanding. You are NOT alone anymore.

  • Remedy any disappointment, misunderstanding, sadness, stress, depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness and disconnected lifestyle.

  • To find a safe and gentle way out from this low situation

  • Understand how to shift the negative dynamics in useful and positive ones

  • Create an alternative point of view to rise above the routine problems

  • Learn to handle negative emotions Fear, Emptiness, Sadness, anxiety, worries, worthless and be safe

  • Cope with your new life, your body changes, relationships changes, learn how to manage your new-born baby

  • Clear resentment and pessimism created in the past rebuilt love and trust

  • Create a safe space where listen & express your real needs.

  • Cope with the effects that cultural background products in you

  • Manage your emotions and the essence of finding true balance within yourself and in your relationship

  • Learn to take care of yourself and to the other in a balanced way

  • Recover your relationships, family, friends, colleagues, partner

  • See the energetically, psychological and material dynamics that are feeding your condition and face them for the best result

  • See again life worthy to be lived!


This program talks about harmony on a personal-deep level. It will help you change your perspective in your relationship with the world.

“Only sensitive people pass through this darkness. You are much more beautiful and worthy than what you think. Allow me to let your light shine”



Who is this for


If you’ve tried every strategy, book, and advice but have not seen the results, this is your perfect 'next step'.

You will need to be open to Mindset and lifestyle changes, as these will be the pillars of creating the perfect life you are dreaming.

A life free from all actual suffering. A life to live with light and ease.

All this will be only a far memory...

This program needs commitment. Willingness to get out. To finish this period.

That's enough.

Just allow yourself to have a better life.




Module 1

Assessing, monitoring and dealing with the stage of your mental situation. Reality check.

  • Focus on ways you can increase happiness, love and will to live quickly  

  • Address your biggest challenge that is preventing you from being yourself again  

  • Learn the #1 thing you can do straight away to overcome past hurt and fall back "in love with your life" 


Module 2

Understanding your challenges and the reactions of who is around you better. Background.

  • Detect the dynamics that create disharmony in your life

  • Identify the real reason behind, what are lacks and the needs 

  • Identify productive and un/productive people and habits in your lifestyle

  • Receive all support, love, attention, and understanding your Soul is in need to receive.

  • Take care about yourself

    • Listen to your desire

    • Express your needs

    • Ask and receive attention, respect

  • create the basis for a concrete and honest communication


Module 3

Challenges are a fact of life, being overwhelmed from them is not. Interaction.

  • Introduce Mindfulness technique for improve clarity and relaxation

  • Clear resentment and pessimism, remove tendency to think negatively

  • Learn how to stop negative repetitive thoughts

  • Replace it with a safe fundamental of kindness, compassion, acceptance, respect

  • Create an easy way to rebuild connection, trust, and closeness around you


Module 4
Learn Techniques to wake up your creativity, joy and beauty. Blossom

  • I will walk hand by hand with you to create a self-development strategy, the only thing you can change is our-self

  • We will learn to create a clear shared agreement that guarantees you to flourish again 

  • We will create an approach of openness, communication, respect


Module 5

Create a safe space where you can receive all support, love, attention and understanding your Soul is in need to receive. Self-love and clarity.

  • Conquer a new and positive approach and manifest it

    • learning instead of controlling, 

    • gratitude instead of complain

  • Guarantee high-quality time to spend for grow and express your talents alone and together with your loved ones

  • Work on selected relationships which make you grow and shine.


Module 6

The happier you are, the more beautiful you, your life and your Relationships become.
Positive Mind setting.

  • Do what you love, create a window of happiness in your life and share those with your loves one (family, partner, friends)

  • Ask for what you like to receive, Ask what your partner wants

  • Listen. Your insides and your Partner wishes.

  • Heat healthy, do sport, go out, study and have fun.

  • How to create and maintain a healthy couple & family routine


"Enjoy your new life. 

Enjoy the beauty to have been able to overcome Personal  Challenges"


  • Can you guarantee results?
    While I cannot guarantee specific results, if you show up and do the work- you'll heal and have a healthy Relationship consistently.
  • How does the program work?
    In this program each Module has meetings delivered (in person\on-line) to grow in your understanding about your Couple health and treat the root of your relationship condition.
  • How can I contact you if I have questions about one of the Modules?
    Sure. You can message me through whatsapp, or email.
  • How long will it take me to pass trough all Modules?
    Each individual is special and each couple is unique. There is no standard timing that is the same for everyone. Usually couples need 10 \ 12 sessions to go through this program.
  • ​How long will it take me to one Module?
    The content of each module is really different. Every marriage is facing different challenges, some relationships can pass through some module really fast other couples may need more time.
  • I take PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for my mental\physical condition, can I still use this program?"
    I don’t touch upon prescription drugs but this program will help you understand your situation better and help you become aware of what the drugs are doing to your mind and body.
  • I have Depression, Anxiety, Addictions or post delivery crise, will this program help?"
    YES! I have had many clients with similar conditions use these exact techniques to heal their couple and their Heart.
  • I don't have betrayals, fights or big issues but my relationship is not what it used to be. I want my Passion and complicity back will this help?"
    YESSS! This for everyone and will completely transform your couple back to that beautiful Complicity and Passion!
  • Will you offer coaching also?
    Yes. Throughout the course I will be coaching you personally, and if you subscribed for the whole program I offer two free of charge coaching sessions after the program is finished.
  • Would you suggest Drugs to use for my couple's condition?
    No, I will not suggest any drugs. All you need is inside you.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    If you subscribe for the whole program I will offer substantial discount to the fees otherwise paid for each single sessions. Just ask.
  • Do you offer refunds if I pay for the whole program?
    As I keep my time available for you I cannot offer a refund, but I can reshedule each session with 48 hours notice.
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