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Life Changing - Healing Programs

Many times change is instantaneous. An illumination, an event that changes our lives or the world.

Everyone often expects a quick-fix solutions for our problems, and sometimes these fixes happen.

However, sudden change is an externally driven erratic and sporadic event which we cannot rely on. We can only be prepared for. Personal change instead is something we can control and influence. It's a day to day process which requires training and dedication. To reach our best destinations we have to go through whole the path, with its ups and downs.

Therefore, over the years, I have created, with my students and my masters, an efficient method (the Healing the Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit) that approaches change in a structured personal development program treating the human being in its holistic nature and not just its sum of pieces.

What is a Program?

It is an organized scheme on multiple 1 to 1 sessions focused on learning, receiving healing and practice exercises and routines. Your particular issue or wish is addressed in a holistic manner, creating harmony in parts of you that might be off-balance or need a power-up. This might include things such as emotional control and release exercises, physical practices, breathing and meditation, mindfulness.

In these programs, I have condensed practical and result proof steps that take you through complete healing.

Check out the programs I offer:

​Why go for a Program?


My Healing Method can be applied in single individual sessions but works much better through a life-changing program that addresses the challenge in a holistic manner.

A Program is easy to follow.

A program applies specific proven and tested steps that will support your front to end in the resolution of that specific challenge.

Takes care of all interactions and connection existing between all areas of your life:

  • With-in you: thoughts, emotions, mental and physical issues,

  • With-out you: partner, family, friends, work, colleagues, hobbies. 


The Program will show you the way to make everything work together easily in the direction you desire.


Is effective

Each step of the program works towards rearranging your habits.

Habits govern our subconscious mind and make any routine familiar, automatic and easy to follow regularly.


Scientific resources demonstrate that:

  • To change old habits human at least 21 days

  • To create new habits take at least 21 days

  • To consolidate new habits take at least 21 days


This is why, if you want to make a lasting change, you need to proceed with a Specific Program.


We will change previous negative habits and create new productive habits.

Custom program?

If you think that none of these programs are actually right for you, we can customize one program together.

A program with a clear path to follow is the only way to achieve substantial results!

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