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Adi Ananda

Adi Ananda

Holistic & Spiritual Life Coach

Overcome the drama, the hatred, the pain. Find peace, find happiness, find yourself!

Holistic & Spiritual Life Coach

I invested almost 20 years in a journey of spiritual development, learning from great masters, spending months in monasteries, spiritual schools and other holistic education that gave me many possible tools and teachings that I want to share with you to unleash your full potential and get where you want to be.

1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, workshops and seminars for anyone interested in developing their own healing techniques.

My Healing Methodology


Our full potential of divine Creative Beings, lies within the harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. The balance of these three sides of the human entity, gives total awareness of the universe with-in and with-out us and unleashes our True Self.


The healing and personal development method that I use integrates theses aspects in balance. Allows you to stand with awareness in your center, in the Harmony, between Body, Mind and Spirit. In this state the subconscious mind is unveiled and you develop the ability to hold guidance, the power of Emotions is used and not suffered, the Chi Energy, your inner energy, become your unlimited force.


Often times we think that we can heal an aspect of our life (maybe in our mind, or our body) and treat just that aspect alone. However, reality is that we are not pieces stitched together but we are a whole being, integral part compose from Body, Mind, Soul and connected to a whole universe. Awareness of this is the ultimate healing.


What I can do for you

My approach is to constantly assess, heal and balance our Body, Mind and Spirit. If these are in balance there is harmony in all the aspects of our lives. 

This can be done in single sessions or better as part of individual (121) healing programs, that have been created to address specific typical issues, in a structured and proven methodology.


Tangible benefits of working on the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit can be seen in many aspects of our lives:



  • Feel energized

  • Control of Emotions

  • Improve fitness, flexibility, blood circulation

  • Boost immune system

  • Ensure well-being of all organs and systems

  • Prevent Disease

  • Protect Heart, spine, eyes and other vitals

  • Strengthen muscles, tissues, bones



  • Build emotional resilience

  • Change subconscious limitative believes

  • Improve sleep cycle

  • Lower cortisol levels

  • Feel happy

  • Boost Focus, memory, IQ

  • Beat Stress

  • Stay calm

  • Look younger

  • learn to be Happy: balance reality and expectations



  • Maintain inner & outer harmony

  • Balance subconscious needs

  • Maintain high level of Energy

  • Beat fear, frustration & negative emotions

  • Know inner and outer worlds better

  • Improve relationships

  • Gain inner strength

  • Build Awareness and transformation

  • Cleanse the Chakras

Healing Tools I use

Within my Healing Programs and Single Sessions, I use a variety of Healing Tools that are needed to resolve that specific challenge. Each of these powerful techniques trigger different parts of the human being towards the solution desired.

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

My School

BMS Awakening & Healing Center

In 2019, I founded the BMS Awakening Healing Academy  & my Holistic Methodology.


I welcome all my students and run workshops, collaborations and events  in different capitals of Europe and the Middle East.


In these centres, you will find fully equipped rooms for the activity you have booked:

  • Studio, for one-to-one sessions

  • Yoga room, for all physical activities and group classes

  • Thermo-regulated pool for Watsu and Woga sessions

  • Conference Room For courses

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Thanks! Happy to share with you!

Abhay Kumar

Feeling totally filled with Light and Love. The whole experience, the teachings were shared with so much dedication and love .. and to all those wonderful souls that shared the space and held love for each other ..Thanks 

Mark Gloss

Full of gratitude. I'm feeling renewed. I never realized how open and full of Love I could be. Amazing life experience.

Ana Wolks

Thank you Adi Ananda, BMS Academy, for this wonderful opportunity, to experience so many amazing feelings. I feel blessed.

Klare Holmos

I was Amazed from the huge knowledge which Adi ananda could spread with so much light and ease. I felt at home, she is a great example of grace, peace and tranquility and power together. Looking for the next level.


Become a healer!

Training Courses

Have you ever though getting better at healing yourself and family or becoming a professional healer?

Then a course is something for you! I offer certified Theta Healing® and Reiki Master training courses from beginner to advanced level.


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