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Watsu - Water Therapy


What is Watsu®?


Watsu® is one of the most beautiful experiences of body work practiced in warm water (34 ° / 35 °), which combines the benefits of an ancient oriental practice, such as Shiatsu and the healing properties of water itself.


The body so gently supported and floated facilitates a profound state of abandonment and relaxation.


Watsu® is shatsu in the water, is a massage received from the practitioner and the water.

In an alternation of quiet and movement, a sort of harmonic dance is created where a swing and free kicks move, emerging from the deepest spaces of the essence of the person he receives.


Who can enjoy Watsu?



You are healthy and you would like to experience something special, you are emotionally struggling and need a peaceful break, you are in pain and you need some therapy.

Watsu® is aimed at the elderly, adults, sportsmen, pregnant women and children.

For what it helps?

Watsu® operates on 4 levels, mental, emotional and physical.



-  offer deep retaliation

- stress release

- brain peace

- hyperactivity reduction (adults & kids)

- increase focus



- sense of belonging

- feeling save, protected, cared, at home

- feeling loved, cared

- reduce depression

- reduce guilt



- pain release

- injuries rehabilitation

- deep muscle relaxation

- soft tissues regeneration



- gives the chance to overcome your fears

- offer you possibility to train your ability to trust and surrender

- if you are visual you might have visualizations


Which overall benefits?

Watsu® inserted as a complement in the treatment of specific discomforts and pathology in adults and / or children:

  • physical 

  • psychological

  • emotional 

  • stress 

  • insomnia, 

brings an immediate benefit. Offer deep relaxation and the feeling to be supported and wellcome.




YES, is possible.

If you are interested in experiencing Watsu® in this perspective, it takes the name of water RE-birth.

Adi will support you in this water primordial Journey, leading breathing exercises which are able to switch the state of consciousness and, maybe, offer you astral travel experiences.

This is a deep healing technique.


Typical Session


- First part few minutes of "Dry Introduction talk"

- Followed from Water session

- Time to lie down, relax, and integrate into the experience.


What do I need to BRING?

Your beautiful self.

For the water experience bring all you need for the pool

(swimming suit, flip flop, towel...)

Changing room and shower facility are available.
Feel free to bring everything you need for your shower and make yourself comfortable.



Location & Timing:  It changes according to the season.
Watsu can be practised outdoors (beach or pool) and also Indoor.
+ additional contributions to book in Private Pools.

Outdoor pool available at the "BMS Awakening Healing Academy" Center, JLT, Dubai; 


I wish you Love & Light

Adi Ananda

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