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What is Theta Healing®?

Theta Healing™ is a powerful technique that teaches us how to use our natural intuition, to experience instantaneous physical and emotional healing. By altering our brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, one can identify and replace limiting beliefs and negative life patterns, which are stored deep in our core, genetic, historic and soul level. Through the theta approach, every individual is empowered to bring about transformation in their own life and positively influence the lives of others.
All Meditations are tough and explained during the courses.
This Meditation can support you to remember the way to the 7th Plane of Existence.
And guide you from this level of unconditional love to send & share peace and healing.
- TH Soul Fragments & Cord Cutting, Meditation -
Energetical cords and Old Souls Fragments are often reasons for Energy Loss, melancholy, depression and addiction toward a person.
This meditation helps you to carry on or complete all relationship in a balanced way.


Either you keep in contact or split form a person is absolutely fundamental to maintain your integrity and remove all energetical cords between you and this person.
Eat lightly
Choose a quiet and private place
You need to sit comfortably
Listening with earphones is recommended
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Theta Healing Meditation - SOUL FRAGMENTS, CORD CUTTING

  • Audio File: .mp3
    Duration: 12 minutes
    Language: ENGLISH

  • US Dollars: 12 $ - UAE Dirham: 60 Dhs

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