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AOC Pleasure Curve & Amrita Full Body Orgasm


What is the AOC Pleasure Curve?

The AOC Pleasure Curve (Arousal, Orgasm, Conclusion) is the natural reaction and behaviour humans have during sensual interactions.
The desire becomes Arousal, then comes the Orgasm and the Conclusion is sudden.

Ordinary Curve:

Pleasure curve.JPG

Unfortunately, Nature didn’t have coordinate Men and Woman in this line…


Pleasure Curve Compared.JPG

Tantra teachings will empower you. 

Giving you the ability to practically and easily manage this Energy and transform the usual AOC Pleasure Curve in a new line-shape you like the most.

Tantra is the way to experience the famous Amrita, “The Great pleasure”.
Adi Ananda

One of the amazing teachings of Sexuality and Tantra Therapy Program® is the ability to manage and enjoy the Pleasure Curve. You will meet your partner and flow together.

Pleasure Curve Compared 2.JPG

If you compare this graphic with the previous one, you will see that man and woman together support and guide each other. 


The male, blue colour AOC Curve, has a massive extension. The female, red colour, gets more stable,  there is a consistent reduction of ups and downs and reach faster higher levels of pleasure. 


Slowly the partners create together a new couple curve. The couple AOC curve goes forward increasing pleasure and coordination. Until the sacred harmony is reached and the couple share the blissful Healing of Amrita, The  Cosmic Full Body Tantra Orgasm


“Healthy sexuality gives you a happy & healthy life”
Adi Ananda

I wish you all the light and love your heart is able to receive.
Adi Ananda

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